Collana: Papyrologica Florentina - Vol. 43 - Anno:  2013
ISBN: 9788874680412

Francisca Pordomingo

Antologías griegas de época helenística en papiro.

1 vol. in-4°, pp.343. Brossura editoriale.


Antologías griegas de época helenística en papiro. Papyrologica Florentina XLIII, brings together for the first time in one scholarly volume the non-epigrammatic Hellenistic Greek anthologies preserved on papyri. In this work, a corpus of anthologies has been constituted and classified, some of which have had to be identified. A broad introduction addresses the origin of the anthologies, their graphical-bibliological characteristics, their contents and the tradition of the texts comprising them, the significance for the history of Greek literature of the contribution of new texts that had not been preserved in the mediaeval tradition, and their possible use. The corpus has been classified into categories defined by the formal characteristics of these anthologies, by their content, and also by their function; partial introductions to each one of them deal with their specific characteristics. The difficulties entailed in the state of preservation of a good number of them advised a presentation of the texts that can be called “particularized”; the translation accompanying them is meant to facilitate reading. The commentary on each of the items in the corpus attends above all to graphical-bibliological aspects, but also to their contents and their possible context of reception. The monograph is of great significance for those interested in learning more about this kind of book format, disseminated in Antiquity as early as the beginning of the Hellenistic period. It is also important for learning more about and evaluating the socio-cultural context of Ptolemaic Egypt, where the anthologies were from.

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